17 SEO myths you should leave behind

Search engine optimisation has been important for businesses for many years now. As the majority of people who search for your business or services are going to be using search engines, it’s crucial that you are optimised enough for them to find you.

There are lots of different methods and factors that go into SEO and trends can change year on year.

Web SEO marketing can even change month to month! Algorithms are always updated to make it fairer to people who are searching, and of course, businesses that are being ranked by the search engines.

Nobody wants to find a spammy, low-quality site on the top spot, which is why creating new algorithms is crucial. However, there are lots of SEO myths crowding the web. Being able to distinguish between SEO facts and myths will make sure you know the SEO mistakes to avoid. 

Here’s a look at some of the things we discuss in our premium content download, ‘17 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind’:

Setting Up Google Authorship Can Increase Visibility And Clickthrough Rates

This may have been important at one time, but just how important is it now? You might be surprised at what you find out!

You Must Submit Your Site To Google

While you might think you’re making progress with this step, it usually doesnt’ make all that difference. Google is a smart search engine. Find out more in the guide!

More Links Are Better Than More Content

Links are valuable, sure, but what about your content? People have been saying content is king for a while now. Get an idea of the bigger picture with our help.  

Having A Secure Site Isn’t Important For SEO

Safe sites do matter! We tell you why.

SEO Is All About Rankings

Ranking isn’t the be all and end all like people considered it to be years ago. When you think about it, ranking never meant you’d be successful or make sales, even if you were on the top spot. All it means is a higher number of click-through rates. If you haven’t made it so that your target audience are the ones clicking, you likely won’t experience success at all.

Meta Descriptions Have A Huge Impact On Search Rankings

Not as important as you probably think they are!

SEO Is Something You Can Delegate To I.T.

SEO is completely different to knowing how to fix a computer. Don’t get the two confused and definitely don’t delegate this crucial job to your I.T. team.

On-Page SEO Is All You Need To Rank

Underusing keywords is far better than overusing them, or ‘stuffing’ them. Sneaky methods like this worked at one time, but dishonest methods are no longer tolerated!

Get the full SEO myths guide!

This is just a quick look at what we discuss to give you an idea. We also talk about keywords, how much content you need, amount of pages, local SEO, common SEO mistakes and even more. When you have read up on the SEO myths you need to leave behind, you can come up with a far better SEO campaign that actually works effectively.

17 SEO myths

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