Benefits of buying HubSpot through a HubSpot partner

How a HubSpot partner agency can help you get the most out of HubSpot.

Many people know Hubspot as one of the best inbound marketing platforms available at the moment, as it is used by many different kinds of businesses for sales and marketing success. HubSpot covers all aspects of inbound marketing and inbound sales for businesses. When purchasing the system, you can expect it to help you to deliver email marketing, blogging, marketing automation, social media and much more. It will help you to enhance a variety of marketing campaigns, and increase your ROI from marketing as a result. So, with this in mind, why should you buy HubSpot through a HubSpot partner agency rather than going directly through them? There are a few main reasons we’re going to cover today!

Getting a HubSpot demo with examples of use

HubSpot will happily do a demo for you but, quite rightly, their primary motivation is to sell you licenses.  Sometimes, all that is needed however is a quick HubSpot demo so you can see how the application works – no strings attached. With the best HubSpot partners, such as Toast Inbound, you will get an experienced team member (who has worked in a client-side marketing role) who will talk you through the features of HubSpot but will combine the walkthrough with examples of how real clients use those elements to grow their businesses.  This process means that you aren’t in any confusion about how it all works and how it could work for your organisation.

Determining the HubSpot options needed before buying

There are a number of options and features around HubSpot pricing for you to choose from. Again, it is somewhat hard for HubSpot to be unbiased – they will want you to take everything! The questions we get asked as an agency by those considering HubSpot are:

  • Do I put all my contacts into HubSpot when there is a per 1,000 contact charge?
  • Do I use the HubSpot website content management system (CMS) at £245 per month (Spring 2018) or something like WordPress?
  • Which extras (reports, ads) do I need?
  • Should I continue using my own CRM or move to HubSpot CRM and HubSpot sales

We can provide advice and examples of how our clients have chosen their options.

Finally, in this section, HubSpot do, like most SaaS companies, offer partners incentives from time to time to pass on to our prospective clients. Why not see what is available now?

Get comprehensive support from companies who have been there and done it

When you buy HubSpot through a partner like Toast Inbound, you get the benefit of the knowledge the partner has acquired surrounding the system. They have been through the onboarding process many times before, and have all of the experience you could dream of to help you with the setup, helping you to avoid downtime and ensure the smoothest transition imaginable. They have been exactly where you’re standing!

HubSpot Partners also welcome clients who have bought HubSpot directly, gone through HubSpot onboarding over 90 days, but then realise that they need a partner beside them for the onward journey. HubSpot will tell you that users with active partners report higher levels of benefit from the use of the platform.

Buying HubSpot can be a big decision for some businesses, and getting the maximum value from the platform needs resource – but the comprehensive support you can get with a HubSpot partner agency makes it a natural choice.

Local support available

HubSpot isn’t short of customer service agents, but it can sometimes feel unnecessary calling up and queuing when you only have a small question to ask, which is why local support from an agency who works with you continually is a better option for many instances. The best thing about this? You can utilise both options when purchasing HubSpot through a partner agency, so you get twice as much help as you would when buying directly through HubSpot!

You’ll get so much more for your business out of this purchase, as you will be able to get the support of those who have been through what you’re going through and have learned how to generate more business effectively with the system. Your more significant issues and any smaller kinks will be ironed out quickly and in a way that suits you.

In-depth HubSpot training

HubSpot has a great user interface, making it easy to use, and that is improving all the time. However, HubSpot is a considerable application, and this can be tough when you’re not sure how to work your way around all of the features available. The look of it can be intimidating, which is why choosing a certified HubSpot partner to help get you on track is a good idea.

Your HubSpot onboarding experience will still be a significant investment in time, but you will have the resource available to train any member of the team who will be using this system. Everybody will be brought up to speed as quickly as possible so that you can make every success of your next marketing campaign.  

To see other ways in which Toast Inbound can help you with HubSpot do take a look at our HubSpot page.

You can also book a consultation call with us to explain where you are in the process of looking at HubSpot with a view to purchasing it or having been on-boarded but looking for a  Hubspot partner to support you.

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