Business Social Media Platforms – Three of the Best

A few weeks ago, we took a look at three of the biggest names in business social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This week, we’re going to explore three other business social media platforms that have grown exponentially since they’ve launched, and may just be the perfect tools for your social media marketing strategy.

Google+business social media platforms

With over 300 million monthly active users on the platform, Google+ is far from the digital ghost town it’s made out to be. One of its biggest advantages is that Google itself prioritizes any content posted. Google+ content is immediately indexed too, so for businesses where getting the word out quickly is important, it’s an essential outlet. With companies throwing money at Google Ads for the sake of a little visibility, the potential for organic reach just by sharing content here is enormous.


Pinterestbusiness social media platforms

With over 100 million active users, Pinterest’s unique, visual approach to content makes it the perfect platform for media-focused businesses. The ‘buyable pins’ feature also means that prospective customers can purchase your product directly through the platform, rather than being redirected back to your site first. Utilize the 500-charcter per-pin limit with some sound SEO, and you’ll find Pintrest to be a highly effective targeted marketing tool.



business social media platforms

‘The front page of the internet’ as it proudly describes itself; Reddit is used by over 231 million unique visitors each month. These users curate the content themselves with the up/downvote system, so the importance of posting quality content rather than spamming links to your business, is essential. This aligns with the inbound philosophy of not being interruptive and producing content people really want to engage with.

The targeted nature of subreddits (of which there are over 853,000) means much like LinkedIn groups, the work of narrowing down a target audience has been done for you. Create content and posts that people love within these relevant groupings, and there are some great opportunities to drive organic traffic.

These three platforms might not be the largest in terms of user count on the web, but their unique advantages can make them all tremendously effective forms of social media for business. 

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