What are the benefits of a content creation agency and how can you choose the right one?

Why content is crucial and how can you use a content creation agency to benefit your online presence?

We have previously talked about what content marketing is and why it’s so important. So you should now know that you need to start creating high-quality content for your website in order for you to generate new business. The reason that you might call upon an agency to create your content because that writing fully optimised content is a technical process that you simply can’t learn overnight. Selecting the right agency from the start could benefit your business massively and save you lots of time and frustration.

How to select the right agency to create content for your business

Selecting the right agency for your business could make or break the success of your content marketing strategy. Here are seven tips for you to use when selecting a new agency to provide your content creation services.

  1. Ensure they understand what your aims and objectives are.
  • All too often businesses hire content creation agencies who simply write and publish fresh content with no real goals. The agency you work with should have a good understanding of what the content should achieve. For example, if you are struggling to generate new visitors to your website, your agency should be creating more generic content that will appeal to a wider audience, this way you can attract more visitors to your site. At Toast Inbound, we run a content strategy workshop before we start creating any content, this way we can clearly identify what the aims and objectives are.

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  1. You need to find your ideal service package and not theirs.
  • Agencies will often push you to spend as much money with them as possible, in order for them to get the most out of the content they are creating for your business. However, your business might only be able to afford a few pieces of content per month – but these few pieces of content could be the starting blocks for your content marketing. It’s important to work with an agency who can get the most out of your budget and not simply ask for more when they aren’t seeing results.
  1. Are they easily contactable?
  • There’s nothing more annoying when somebody is avoiding your calls or emails, this is absolutely something you need to avoid when working with a content creation agency. When you are trying to push for a certain deadline for a blog to go live, an email to be sent or any other form of content to be published, you need to avoid any hold-ups. If you’re unsure about how easy an agency might be to contact, try getting in touch with some of their current or past clients to see how they found their services.
  1. Do they have experience in creating content – with proven results?
  • Creating quality content that will rank highly in search engines isn’t just something anybody can do unless they have experience in doing so. Make sure the agency you choose has a good amount experience, if not, you may be at risk of paying somebody who lacks the knowledge and skills to produce high-quality content. It’s also an added benefit if they have experience in creating content for your specific sector. Toast Inbound have experience in a range of sectors including automotive, IT, telecoms, SaaS, manufacturing, retail, charities, consulting services and many more. Take a look at the success we have had with our clients.
  1. Find an agency who can create different types of content.
  • There are many types of content marketing available to use and you could benefit by using more than one of these. Video content, for example, has been on the rise for years and could be the key to engaging with your visitors. By having a video embedded within a web page you can offer more detail in a short amount of time and in an interactive way – this saves your visitors having to route through thousands of words on a page to find the information they need. You may also want to produce content such as infographics, interactive guides and eBooks. Working with the same agency to create all of these types of content is advantageous because they understand your business already and you will already have a relationship.
  1. Are they transparent about the results of your content?
  • Agencies hiding the results of campaigns from their clients is a practice that’s much too common. When choosing an agency, ensure that you will have regular updates of the results of your content. If they cannot offer this then it might suggest that they want to hide poor results from you. We encourage all of our clients to register themselves with our results tracking tools, this way they can stay up to date with the success our content is having.
  1. Can they offer you more than just content creation?
  • Although we are talking about content creation agencies in this article, it’s important to remember all of the other content services your business requires. Some additional services your business might require include:
  • Using social media to promote the content they have created.
  • Using paid advertising such as Google and Facebook ads to attract more visitors to content on your website.
  • Having expertise in email marketing, to promote content to potential and existing customers, you could take this one step further with automated emails.
  • Can they create graphics that you can use in your content to encourage visitors to leave their details?

What if you can create content, but you don’t know how to optimise it for search engines?

Creating content is easy, but creating high quality, valuable content that is targeted towards your buyer personas is a completely different kettle of fish. A good content creation agency should be able to provide you with both of these services. If you feel as though you have the knowledge to produce good content, but simply lack the technical skills to rank highly within search engines, ask your agency if they can simply provide this service for you. This way you can avoid the cost of creating the content, but you know that it’s going to rank as highly as possible.

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Who should create your content – agency vs freelancer?

One-stop shop for all of your services

Agencies often have skill sets in a wealth of areas, from paid advertising to video creation. This means you can build up a relationship with a specific set of people and don’t have to keep searching for additional help. Freelancers on the other hand often stick to one specific skill that they can help you with. As a result, you could end up hiring 10 different freelancers to provide you with the services that one agency could offer you.

Agencies can produce content quicker

Due to the number of people working for an agency, compared to one single freelancer, your content will usually be created quicker. This means you can produce more content quickly to put you ahead of the competition.

Having access to expert tools

There is a range of expert tools available to marketers, but they do come at a price. Most agencies are happy to pay the premium prices that are required to access some tools, whilst freelancers can’t always justify the cost. This allows agencies to plan, create and measure the success of your content to a much higher standard.

Multiple opinions, not just one

If there is ever a question regarding the best practice on how to do something, the knowledge that an agency has will be much greater than that of one sole person. It’s also good to get second opinions on content, how it looks, how it flows and how it will benefit your business.

Are you looking for a content creation agency?

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Author – Dan Stillgoe

Dan is a digital marketing executive at Toast Inbound, he has a HubSpot certification in content marketing and delivers content related services to clients daily.

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