HubSpot’s new content marketing tool helps users dominate topics and increase website traffic and conversions

We’ve probably all read, seen or heard that the era of filling pages with a keyword (even a long tail one) no longer impresses google and the search engines. They want to see topical content marketing covered from a number of angles (so different variants of the keyword) and in a natural way. They also want to see one definitive ‘cornerstone’ or ‘pillar’ page, with potentially a few thousand words. This demonstrates your complete understanding of the issue covered. Finally, they want to see that interlinked with lots of similar topic content on your site.

So how do you know what variations of keywords to use around a topic and how do you make sure that you have a cluster of content around the topic? It can be quite complex if you have lots of website pages and blog articles. This type of online content creation can take a bit of sorting if you’re doing it manually. Enter ‘HubSpot’s Content Strategy Tool’…


How can I use HubSpot’s content marketing tool to increase website traffic?

We’ve been using this content marketing tool in beta for a few months and have found that it does automatically exactly what we’ve been doing manually. It does this by researching lots of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) information sources for keywords and scouring client websites and collateral for the content.

5 steps on how to start content marketing using HubSpot’s new tool

  1. Find a number of topics that have been identified in your content marketing planning and creation of buyer personas – choose those that have the potential to attract good prospects to your website.
  2. Enter a topic into the tool. First of all it will show you what kind of volumes are associated with the topic and also a ‘relevance’ score in terms of how it thinks your existing content relates to that topic. Think again if a key potential topic gets 1 visitor a month! Find a topic with a nice medium to high-flow of traffic.
  3. Associate that topic with your cornerstone or pillar page on the website so the tool can see what the issue is that you are answering.
  4. Hubspot’s content marketing tool will suggest keyword variations that its database suggests are closely linked to the main keyword you’ve centred this cluster of content around. Again you will see volume and relevancy information.
  5. Continue to add variants to what, in the end, looks like a bit of a mind map. For each sub-topic added you can link content on the website – as suggested by the tool – or entered manually as a URL if you know better!

What you end up with is a complete topic cluster and a visual indication of how well you have covered that topic with existing pages.

If you have content, then you can simply use the variants on each of the pages and ensure there are plenty of links between them (at least 4 on each page).

If you haven’t got a complete cluster of content then start creating website pages and blogs to complete the cluster.

It is a great tool and we have seen the creation of content clusters around cornerstone/pillar pages deliver some great results. One client has seen an increase in traffic around a certain topic by 40% within a matter of weeks!

Limitations of the HubSpot content strategy Tool

Our only recommendation, which comes from years of experience in digital marketing, is not to necessarily use the SEO data within HubSpot as a single source. We always like to check at least 1-2 other sources to ensure consistency. Keyword research is best when using a combination of SEO tools such as SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner & LSI Graph.

Overall, we believe that HubSpot’s new tool is really great for the busy marketing manager trying to dominate topics on the web in order to create an increase in traffic and lead generation. And with some future development plans to take this tool further into content creation itself, it looks like it will become a key part of the marketing module of HubSpot.

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