Content Strategy Workshop

Content strategy to attract and convert visitors

Our working relationship with any client starts with a content strategy workshop.

Our process

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Typically a half-day event, the workshop captures all the information needed to build a content creation plan. This includes:

  • Understanding the client’s market position, channels to market and competitive positioning
  • Identifying key buyer personas targeted by the client including their daily priorities and how they research purchases
  • Highlighting typical buyer questions throughout the buyer cycle and how the client answers them
  • An audit of content already created by the client and a mapping of those content assets against personas and the buying cycle

Clients are encouraged to bring to the workshop management team members, the marketing team as well as sales and service staff who deal with prospects and customers on a daily basis. This ensures a 360-degree view of the type of customers the client wants to attract and win.

After the content strategy workshop has been completed, the information captured is tested and used to create a set of keyword phrases that will be important to any digital marketing campaign. Using a series of SEO tools we have access to, we will analyse existing search traffic volumes, keyword competitiveness and current client rankings.

Following that full analysis, a content strategy plan together with an initial first quarter content action plan is produced. Those documents will identify what content needs to be created to place on the client’s online channels to attract and convert visitors. This typically is a joint approach where both the client and Toast Inbound have responsibilities to ensure that the strategy is delivered.

Types of content identified in the plan that Toast Inbound can produce with clients may include:

  • Pillar content to create on the client website
  • Blog titles
  • Short premium content (1-4 page content including case studies, quick guides)
  • Long premium content (4-page detailed content demonstrating depth of client expertise)
  • Social media posts
  • Google and social media advertising

The content strategy plan becomes an activity guide for targeted inbound marketing but is also used by our client marketing teams in all kinds of activities – both online and offline.

Why Toast Inbound?

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We have been running content strategy workshops for over four years now and find them a vital tool as part of developing your digital marketing strategy. We can take you through the essentials of a content strategy, but we can also share some examples to help.

From our business experience across many industry sectors, we will help you identify the critical factors behind identifying target personas and business value propositions. Together, these then inform the competitor evaluation and keyword research that take place to complete the plan.

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Some of the tools we use to deliver this service

inbound sales salesforce
SEO google analytics
PPC google adwords
HubSpot Sales Pro
HubSpot marketing support

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