The Future’s here… the Future’s Video

Since the Internet burst onto the scene and became publicly available in the early 90’s, its exponential growth has revolutionised the way we live in practically every aspect of our lives. In January 2017, it was estimated there are 3.773 billion users globally, defining the Internet as the world’s largest marketing platform. Throw social media into the mix, and you now have a totally different way of your buyer interacting with you and the video content you produce.

corporate videos for websites

The Future of Internet Content is Video

HubSpot recently produced a blog entitled: “42 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2017”. Amongst the list were:

corporate videos for websites

corporate videos for websites







The message is clear, video is an extremely powerful business marketing tool whose growth is showing no sign of slowing down: we should all be using it in our content marketing efforts.

So bearing in mind both the statistics mentioned and the prevalence of social media and the Internet in the buyer’s life; we decided we needed to take action! How could we as an agency help our clients use this potential to their advantage? How could we move with the times yet still be able to produce remarkable content that would appeal to buyer personas?

Toast makes Corporate Videos for Websites

The answer, in the end, was simple. In order to meet with the changing times in content, we decided to employ a video professional. At Toast, we now have the capability to create engaging corporate videos for websites: from concept through to final edit. We have access to high-quality 4k* cameras and drones, as well as all of the added extras needed to create a compelling video to entertain and engage with buyers.

At Toast we understand that the world of Inbound Marketing is ever-changing and quickly progressing. We want to be at the front of the pack to ensure that we’re helping our clients evolve their content to match emerging trends within Inbound Marketing.

Creating Affordable B2B Videos

Often we speak to clients who are keen on the idea of video footage, yet quickly become put off by the large price tag that is often associated with it. At Toast, we don’t have a huge team of video professionals – but what we do have is experience and the right tools to produce compelling video content. This allows us to keep our prices reasonable and fair, with options to fit any budget. Click here to take a look at our video page. 

The Grand Digital Marketing Tour – Banbury Edition

Creating corporate videos for websites is only one aspect of Digital Marketing that is taking off in 2017. Why not join us at our Grand Digital Marketing Tour? We’re running a free lunchtime seminar aimed at Digital Marketing professionals in the Oxfordshire area get to grips to with advances in the industry.

The event is on Thursday 25th May, 12-2pm at the Whateley Hall Hotel in central Banbury.

To find out more information on our event and to reserve your place (spaces are filling up fast!), please follow the link below of alternatively contact us directly on 01295 221296 or email

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