Creating a Corporate Video – What to Consider

A few months back, we announced that we’re now able to create corporate videos for websites: from concept through to final edit. We decided we ought to practice what we preach and shoot our own promotional video for Toast Inbound. We’ll tell you more about how that panned out in a future blog – however, we learned a lot throughout the process that we want to share. Here are our top tips to anyone considering creating a corporate video.

So, you’ve read that video is the next big thing in content creation and decided that you want a slice of the action – where do you start?

Here are our top corporate video tips:

Before you do anything… create a clear objective

First thing’s first. You need an idea. Your video needs to have a clear objective. What do you want viewers to do once they’ve seen your video? This needs to tie in with the overall message of the content. A CTA at the end of the video is a necessity. Making sure you have a clear script will save you time on filming day!


The dreaded ‘B’ word. Unfortunately, a budget is a key factor in deciding what kind of video you can create. Generally, the longer the video the more expensive it will be. Will your video require actors? Professional actors will help your improve your videos credibility, however it will ramp up your expenditure. If you’ve decided on actors, then make sure you know how long it will take to shoot your video. If your video requires multiple days of filming, you’ll need to pay your actors for multiple days.

Length of video

There are many differing opinions on how long a corporate video should be. In fact, there’s no definitive “right” answer. A good starting point is to decide whom your video is for. Consider your buyer personas. Is this video for someone at the top, middle or bottom of the funnel? If you’re targeting someone at the top, it’s probably a good idea to keep your video short and sweet. Paradoxically, if your video is aimed at someone further down the sales funnel, a longer video could be appropriate.

Once you’ve decided whom you’re targeting, think about where you’ll be targeting them. It’s estimated that Facebook users alone watch 8 billion videos per day. If your buyer persona is likely to use social media, it’s a good idea to put your video content on your pages. If you’re distributing via social media, your video needs to be fun, quick and to the point. Epic 5 minute videos are no goes here! You can save those for your website.

Move over Netflix! You can create a series of engaging videos that all follow on from each other telling a story. It’s a creative way to keep a video shorter and increase viewer engagement. We’re not saying that you’ll produce the next Breaking Bad, but it’s definitely an effective video marketing strategy.


Where you shoot your video is another important factor to consider when creating a corporate video. Hiring a space can be an added expense. If you’re going to film outdoors, it’s crucial to find out whether you have permission to do so. Also, consider the weather! Our British shores can be temperamental; it’s probably not in your best interest to plan to film outside all day in the midst of winter.

Props & costumes

Realistic props and costumes are a great edition to any corporate video. Make sure you take time to think these through and source appropriate items. The right props and costumes can really make or break a video project! Be careful to ensure that there are no branded items in your video unless you ask the manufacturer for permission.

Creating a corporate video – How Toast Inbound can help

These are just a few points that we think are important to consider when creating a corporate video. If you need advice on a particular project, feel free to contact us! We have the experience and right tools to produce compelling video content and then the capability to distribute amongst your chosen channels. We can help expand your corporate video ideas and make them a reality. To book in a meeting why not contact us? You can reach us at or by calling us on 01295 221296. Alternatively, find out more about how Toast Inbound can help with creating a corporate video here.

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