Creating Great Premium Content

Whether they’re white papers, infographics, guides or ebooks, premium downloads are a seriously effective way of turning visitors into leads. 

But how exactly do you create a piece of great premium content that’ll convince anonymous visitors to hand over their personal information?

creating Great Premium Content

  • Firstly, just like your blogs, your content needs to solve a problem and be genuinely helpful. Visitors to your site will have arrived because they’re looking for information. So imagine yourself to be your own customer and ask, “what would I be looking for here?” If what you’ve created isn’t the answer, it shouldn’t be in your content.
  • Inbound marketing is about them, not you, so your download shouldn’t come across like a sales pitch from your company. Avoid using terms like ‘us’ or ‘our product’, and focus more on using ‘you’ in your writing.
  • Remember to title your content appropriately, and make its purpose obvious. A clever headline might sound great, but a ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ approach will make it easy for visitors to spot the content’s relevance.
  • Like a good landing page, you premium content needs to highlight logical next-steps for your prospect to follow. Give your reader some relevant options at the end of the download, which takes them to more content, or a means of contacting you if they’re considering a purchase.
  • Finally, don’t undersell your download. Premium content might not cost any money, but your visitors still pay for it with their personal details. As a general rule, the volume of information you ask for in exchange for your content should reflect the value of the content itself. So if you’re offering a one-page infographic or checklist, a name and email address is a perfectly fair exchange. But if you’re offering up a 50-page whitepaper or detailed e-book, don’t be afraid to lengthen your download form, and ask for a company name, or your readers’ contact number.

creating Great Premium Content

Regardless of the how much extra information you acquire from your visitor, an email address is all it takes to redefine them as a potentially valuable lead. With proper tracking in place using services like Hubspot, you’ll soon build a picture of your prospect and their needs, making the actual sales process significantly easier.

If you’d like help creating great premium content, get in touch with the team here at Toast Inbound. Content strategy is what we do, and we’re more than happy to assist with your next campaign!

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