Define Inbound Marketing – it’s all about them, not you

I was recently explaining Inbound Marketing to a friend of mine, who also happens to be the MD of a major consultancy business.

I was using his new website to try to define inbound marketing, along the lines of being “all about them (i.e prospects and clients) and not about you.”

As we looked up and down his homepage (which is beautifully designed and has some cool parallax stuff going on), I asked him to show me where it said what his company did.

It doesn’t – it simply has phrases like “what we do” and “how we do it.”

We looked again and this time I asked him to show me the content created to explain to clients how his company solved their problems.

There wasn’t any. It was “all about us” and not “all about them.”

At the heart of our conversation lay the differences between outbound marketing (us) and inbound marketing (them.)

define inbound marketing

Define Inbound Marketing – understanding their challenges

Inbound Marketing starts with the people who I want to speak to about their problems or challenges. They’re defined as ‘personas’ and they describe typical prospects or clients, not in terms of job descriptions, but as real people who have priorities, responsibilities, problems and most importantly – personalities.

To continue to define Inbound Marketing we then move on to its core asset – great content. This content is created for one of more of those personas but also takes into account where they are in the sales and marketing funnel.

  • If they’re starting a buying process with research, then the content is educational and does not use sales language.
  • If they’re researching alternative buyers for a product or service having understood the needs and general solutions; then the content is proof-oriented, and shows that you can actually do what you implied you could in the educational content.
  • If they’re approaching a buying decision, then the content has to contain incentives that they would place real value on.

Finally, Inbound Marketing is about using the content to build up a fuller picture of the contact accessing it. That profile information can then be used when planning further content, as well as building segmented lists by persona type, areas of interest, place in the sales and marketing funnel, etc. etc.

If you look at your content and find it’s all or mostly about you, don’t despair. It’s quite possible with a little research and planning, to re-purpose your content and use it to attract target prospects who are asking the very questions your content answers.

Defining Inbound Marketing for your organisation

Please do ask us to take and look at your site for you, and point you in the right direction. We have a whole range of inbound marketing solutions to support your move to Inbound.

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