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How could Toast Inbound help with Digital Marketing in Banbury? 

Last week, Toast Inbound hosted the Banbury instalment of ‘The Grand Digital Marketing Tour’. GDMT was born because we realised the correlation between advances in the digital world and the change in the way buyers are interacting with businesses will significantly impact Digital Marketing strategies. As a friendly Inbound Marketing agency, we thought it would be helpful to try and assist busy marketing managers in Oxfordshire by educating them in what they can do to make sure they’re up to scratch with the latest trends. Therefore, we hosted an event at Whately Hall Hotel targetting those working in Digital Marketing in Banbury and beyond.

digital marketing in banbury

Toast Inbound’s Don McEwen, Director of Business Development, kicked off the proceedings for us with an introduction setting the tone of the lunchtime seminar. He spoke about the transformation of the buyer’s journey and how this should dictate a fundamental review of a business’ digital marketing strategy. On our landing page for the event, we had asked delegates to give their greatest marketing challenges out of a choice of 4 options:

  • Growing traffic to website (54%)
  • Securing enough budget (25%)
  • Proving ROI of marketing activities (20%)
  • Creating content (7%)

As a UK HubSpot partner, we thought it would be appropriate to contrast these results with results from HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017, which asked professionals to complete a similar survey. The results were as follows:

  • Converting contacts to leads to customers (70%)*
  • Growing traffic to website (55%)
  • Increasing revenue from existing customers (45%)*
  • Proving ROI of marketing activities (39%)

*option not included in our survey

It was interesting to see that those surveyed for State of Inbound 2017 and our participants at the event faced similar challenges and therefore had similar priorities in their digital marketing efforts for the following year.

Get your business strategy sorted first… then focus on keywords

Next, our very own Vaughn Armstrong, Managing Director of Toast Inbound, took to the podium and gave a presentation on his topic “The Foundations of Great Conversion Rate Optimisation”. Vaughn spoke about how to devise a strategy to help you achieve rankings for the keywords you want to be seen for – the first step in this, however, is to determine your business strategy. It’s crucial to look at your business, your goals, your market and your personas to help you figure out what it is you actually want to rank for. Once a business strategy has been put together, it’s time to get ranking for those keywords! Creating applicable content for those buyer personas and optimising your website for Google go hand-in-hand when trying to rank for keywords.

digital marketing in banbury

We paused for lunch, then guests BabelQuest, Abingdon based Inbound Marketing agency, gave a presentation on “Using the Buyer’s Journey to Convert more Leads”. We were taken through an overview of the Buyer’s Journey, and how it can be used to create content at each stage of the journey that helps to convert leads into customers.

The remainder of the event was dedicated to a workshop featuring all of the subjects covered. We had generated custom SEO reports specific to the delegates own businesses to show them what they’re actually ranking for. There were a couple of surprises, but this helped to lay foundations in what content they should be producing. From there, attendees started to look at planning Digital Marketing campaigns, based on one of their keywords.

Don’t just take our word for it… 

We really enjoyed hosting the event, and it was refreshing to see local marketers so engaged with Digital Marketing. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some feedback we received from the event:

“Really good event, very informative and the right amount of time. Nice location and number of people present, not too overwhelming”

“Must focus on more non branded keywords, you have opened SEO up for me”

“Gave a great understanding of the need for creative content specifically for our personas”

What’s the future looking like for Digital Marketing in Banbury? 

Our event was valuable to not only our delegates but for all of us here at Toast Inbound. The plan is to host similar events in the future. If you’d like to find out more about Digital Marketing in Banbury – please fill out the form below. We’re also looking to take our events further afield! We’re interested to find out what topics you’re most keen to learn about.

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