Content Marketing Strategy – Fundamentals

I see a lot of great blogs that go into the step-by-step minutiae of creating a content marketing strategy.

But sometimes they assume that the fundamentals are fully appreciated by the reader.

To make sure you’re aware of these when approaching the task at hand, here are our Toast Inbound Fundamentals. We never start working on an inbound marketing project until these content marketing fundamentals are understood and documented (usually via a Content Strategy workshop).

content marketing strategy

#1 – Who are you writing the content for?

It may seem obvious when you stop and think, but you can’t write one piece of content that will address every single persona type that may be interested in your products or services.

Have you got your marketing personas defined? I see too many personas that are just a job title and a description of a typical person who fills that role. Let’s face it, all MDs are 57 year-old men with grown-up kids who always want to get their own way. Aren’t they?

You should also remember that every prospect can be at one of three layers of the sales and marketing funnel. I.e. The top – looking for educational material. The middle – looking for proof of a solution. Or the bottom – open to a reason to buy now.

So make sure you understand who your content marketing strategy is addressing, and that there’s something for each level of the funnel.

content marketing strategy

#2 – Be consistently consistent

Content marketing is an organic process. You create content to publish and then let it be found. As your content grows, so does its reach and influence. But only if you stick with your content strategy plan and its targeted keywords and variants.

It is so tempting when you haven’t had much response from your first content to think the keywords aren’t working and change tack. It’s not “not working” – it just hasn’t got to its destination yet! It will enter the flow of search traffic (if you did that bit of research) and it will find readers and responders.

Be consistent in your content. Stick to your cornerstone keywords and write consistently around them.

content marketing strategy

#3 – Never forget the desired outcome

If I had a pound (dollar/euro etc.) for every fantastic blog I’ve read that has no call-to-action at the end, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be at my desk writing this. I’d be riding my motorbike or practising scales on my guitar on a beach.

Never forget the desired outcome of each piece of content. It’s either there to attract prospects into the top of the funnel or it’s designed to take them to the middle or bottom of the funnel. Go and randomly pick 5 of your last blogs and check that:

1 – There is a call to action (or two) on the page in an obvious place

2 – There is a purpose in the text in leading a visitor forward in their search for an answer to their problem

3 – The call to action is not just “contact us”

Keep these 3 fundamentals in mind when creating a content marketing strategy and you’ll see that organic process flourish and your content will produce leads.

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