The Grand Digital Marketing Tour comes to Banbury

At Toast Inbound HQ, a member of the team stumbled across a statistic about how future customers will interact with companies to buy products and services. That really got us all thinking about how pivotal a role digital marketing will play. Why? Well here is that statistic:

“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with a business without interacting with a human.”

First impressions might be that 2020 seems way ahead – so we’ve got plenty of time to prepare. However, realistically, it’s just over 2-and-a-half years from now. That’s only 30 months! So, it got us all pondering on how the evolution of this new customer journey will impact companies’ approach to digital marketing. As the buyer’s journey alters and becomes more sophisticated with advancing technology, so too must our digital marketing efforts. We wanted to assist professionals working in Digital Marketing in Oxfordshire – but how? 

How could we help with advances in Digital Marketing in Oxfordshire?

We found that marketing professionals working solo in businesses consistently told us that they were struggling to keep up with advances in digital marketing. Thus, as a way of helping, ‘The Grand Digital Marketing Tour’ was born!

Digital Marketing Workshop Banbury, Oxfordshire

The aim of The Grand Digital Marketing Tour was to assist and educate Oxfordshire-based marketeers on how to increase their digital marketing efforts. The Tour featured a series of local 2-hour events. The event aimed to show how digital marketing techniques and tools can help to elevate lead generation and conversion rates.

We do not have any events planned at present but we do offer a one on one consultation to discuss your individual businesses digital marketing needs. This includes a complimentary SEO Report to show how your website is performing in Google.

You can book a meeting with us below!


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