A step by step guide to creating a LinkedIn company page

Are you wondering why you would want to invest in creating a LinkedIn company page? LinkedIn is very important in B2B social media marketing. We all know how huge social media is these days, whether you have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But LinkedIn is not just a social media site; it’s especially for businesses. The network is a great tool for building business connections, generating leads, gaining insights, and so much more. It’s a really great place to gain traffic for your business site, too. With all of these benefits in mind, why wouldn’t you want the perfect LinkedIn company page?

So why go creating a LinkedIn Company page?

A great company page on one of the internet’s largest membership services sites is crucial in this day and age. If you want to make the most of using this platform and enjoy all it can offer your business, you need to make sure your page is up to scratch. A great company page can make all the difference to the results you get. You’ll be getting more exposure for your business, so you want to make sure you’re giving off the right impression to your audience. When you’ve finished creating a LinkedIn company page, it’ll definitely give you more credibility in your industry!

So, how do you actually create the perfect LinkedIn company page? Our visual guide can help you to see exactly what to do. Downloading it might just be one of the best things you do for your online marketing strategy! Inside, we show you the following:

Your Company Overview

You’ll be able to see how to enhance your company profile with the overview, including what to do in terms of SEO. Yep, SEO even matters on LinkedIn!

Your Logo And Banner

Your logo and banner can make all the difference to your profile. Not only by making it look more attractive, but by showing your audience a little about your business. Taking a look at other big business pages helps you to see how this is achieved.

The Careers Page

You will be shown what you can use on your careers page, strengthening it further and even cutting your costs per hire.

Showcase Pages

Showcases pages can be useful for businesses with unique messages. Make sure you’re making the most of them if you have a message to share.

Featured Groups

Featured groups can give people an idea of what else you manage or participate in. Don’t forget to include these for maximum impact.

Company Updates

You’ll learn how to make the biggest impact with your company updates. You should aim to make each one count!

Page Analytics

Finally, learn how to improve your time on LinkedIn by reading your analytics and using them to your advantage. Guess work is not the way forward. You need to read analytics to know exactly what you’re doing right, and what you can improve. The only way is up!

To learn all of this, click on the image below to download the visual guide to creating the perfect LinkedIn company page.

Step by step guide to creating a linkedin company page


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