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Which question are you wrestling with?

Whilst our clients all have a number of unique issues in their day to day activities, we have found that there a few common challenges to all our customers, no matter what sector or market.

In addition to these challenges, we are also being asked to deliver greater and faster results using the minimal resource and restricted budgets.

As we run marketing campaigns, we know that we must prove our effectiveness in terms of performance metrics and revenue. This can be a complex and difficult process, particularly when your sales and marketing teams need to be involved as each has part of the picture.

Over the years, using inbound marketing techniques, we have helped many companies achieve concrete results using our advanced toolset and our business experience built up over many years in industries including IT, SaaS, telecoms, automotive, utilities, charities and manufacturing.


So how does a good Inbound Marketing strategy help?

Attract more website and social media visitors

Increasing visitors to your website increases the potential number of leads.

It’s a straightforward equation, the more people visiting your site, the more opportunities you will have to turn them into leads for sales to follow up. In fact, you should be converting 2-3% of visits to leads.

Having timely, topical and relevant content will improve visits and search rankings and will get you noticed. It will also bring people repeatedly back to your site. As part of an inbound marketing strategy, Toast Inbound can help you plan and execute an effective content strategy to bring in those visitors.

Fact-based and transparent SEO tools and techniques help you attract the right visitors. 

If you want your target personas to come to your website you will want to show yourself to be a thought leader online. SEO research is essential to find out where you start from and to measure progress as you add ‘pillar content’ to your website. 

It is information on rankings, search volumes, and competitiveness that will help you maintain a top 10 place in searches. Toast provide you with powerful SEO tools (that would cost you a significant amount of budget) to continuously check your site to ensure it meets all SEO goals.

Traffic volumes should be the first measure of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Instead of being reliant on thousands of interruptive outbound emails to bring 1% of them to your website, an effective inbound marketing strategy will bring active prospects to your website.

Why? Because your content answers all the questions they have in researching a solution and finding the best organisation to deliver your preferred solution.

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Inbound Marketing generates more leads through digital marketing channels

All businesses need leads

So did you design and build your website with the purpose of converting visitors to leads. One sign that you haven’t is that the only interaction a visitor can make is completing the ‘contact us’ form on the ‘contact us’ page.

Toast Inbound start by understanding your buyer journeys so that the content created has one simple task – to get a visitor to provide their contact details and become your latest lead.Find out more about lead generation.

Converting leads

This is achieved with calls to action, landing pages, lead flows and workflows.

Correct use of these will increase the number of leads by improving the customer experience. A cohesive campaign strategy will use all these elements to increase the conversion rate of visitors to leads. At the same time, you can capture information about the visitor, auto-populate forms and make their experience as easy as possible. This information can also be used when following up the lead to tailor the discussion specific to the contact.

Measuring Success

An increase in leads is the second measure of success. But can you answer the famous question, “Do you know which half of your marketing spend is creating them?”.

If you can understand what online channels or ‘sources’ are bringing the visitors most likely to become leads then you can turn up that channel and turn down less effective ones. The same goes for your website pages. Which ones are getting the best visitor to lead conversion ratio? We will enjoy with you the ones that work and optimise those that don’t.

Turn leads into revenue and prove RoI

When you do generate leads, are they developed properly by sales? Do you get feedback?

This is a perennial discussion point between marketing and sales… A good inbound marketing campaign should deliver high quality, sales-ready, leads that are ready to be worked on. 

Do your sales team follow an ‘inbound ‘sales‘ process to help that prospect through the remainder of the buyer’s funnel to a successful sale? Toast Inbound can help you set that process up.



We can help you track leads all the way from generation to closure by linking to your CRM system

It is one thing to automate your marketing, but don’t let it end with another famous sales excel spreadsheet! If you don’t want to be constantly waiting for feedback on progress, status or closure you need a link to a CRM system.

We can ensure HubSpot communicates with your CRM system in order to track sales progress. If you don’t have a CRM system, there is a free one inside HubSpot that we’ll set up for you. 

Measuring RoI on all marketing activities is essential to demonstrate success.

Maximising return on investment (RoI) relies on the ability to track activities through to sales. A good inbound marketing platform will allow you to attribute specific sales to specific activities.  Was it the viewing of a social media post? Was it the viewing of a great pillar page?

RoI discussions for marketing budgets are vastly simplified. You can decide which channels are working for you and which are not, allowing more focus on the best performing channels

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We can help you.

Whether it is attracting traffic to the website or maximising the closing rate for existing visitors we can help through our inbound marketing campaigns and services.  We have helped many clients to achieve revenue goals and prove strong ‘returns on investment’ for all marketing activities and channels.

By providing the right digital tools to allow marketing and sales to work more closely together, we can help you attract visitors, convert them to leads and nurture them until they are sales-ready. The end result is not just more visits, likes and shares – but more revenue for your organisation.

How do you ensure that results are maintained long term?

Retainer or Project-based Model – whatever suits

We firmly believe that the partnership engagement needed to achieve growth and stability is not a short-term affair or a quick fix.

We like to work with our clients on a long-term basis to ensure that we always deliver, not just in the first few weeks but also over the longer term.

We offer various engagement models but strongly recommend a retainer-based approach as this offers the best value for money for our clients. We do work on project-based contracts if you would prefer.

Nor are we an absent agency! We meet regularly with clients face-to-face to discuss projects, making sure everything goes smoothly during each stage of the process.

None of our retained clients have left. Why is that?

Our client feedback tells us that transparency in everything we do is important to them. Nothing is hidden from clients and all costs are clearly explained before we do anything. Budgets are strictly adhered to – no nasty surprises.

You also have full access to the whole inbound marketing team, not just an account manager so you can be sure your ideas and desires are fully understood. 

At the end of the day, you get to decide what we do and how we do it, but we can assists you in making decisions using our expertise and knowledge. Think of us as an extra member of your team with all the skills needed to supplement your own marketing resources or to run programmes for you. 

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