How to rank first for Chocolate – a lesson to learn before starting inbound marketing campaigns

One of Toast’s favourite set of clients are the foodies – samples are great! – and so it may not be that surprising that we have had that lovely innocent question – tell me how to rank first for chocolate?

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There then follows a conversation about expectation management. It runs along the same lines as those who say I have a great idea for a website to sell second-hand goods. Other people were there first – and some of them are really quite big – Amazon, Cadbury, Gumtree, Mars. Your 5-page website about Chocolate may not quite get onto the front page of google for the search word ‘Chocolate’ (note: at time of writing there are currently 697 million ‘chocolate’ results on google).

Before they leave tearing up their business plan, we then give them some better news. You can be found for something else – and that is the problem you solve for clients or the need that your prospective customer has. 

How do we go about unpicking what that actually is?

How to rank first for chocolate [something or other…]

To find an alternative to a very generic term, our approach is to first run a Content Strategy and/or Brand Workshop to tease out the types of customers the client is trying to attract (we call these marketing personas). A client who wants to sell to Tesco is addressing a different need to a client who is selling to Independent Garden Centres. Competitors may also be different for each of those routes to market. Find out more about improving your content strategy.

So what do I want to rank for?

At this stage we have access to lots of internet analysis tools and the kinds of questions we’ll look to answer are:

  • where do you currently rank (if have existing website)?
  • what are the keyword variations from a core list?
  • who ranks for all your favoured keywords and variations?
  • who is regularly publishing fresh content on your subject?
  • what are the keyword variations that attract some current internet traffic volumes but are not hugely difficult to rank for?

So if we pick up our chocolate maker targeting independent garden centres – they might want to have content that answers questions asked of search engines like: Any recommendations for a white label chocolate bar provider?  (Note: we are already down to only 4 million potential search results rather than 697 million.)

Creating content to answer the question

We would then look at creating online assets around that question e.g.

  • web pages
  • blogs
  • social media posts
  • premium content downloads (e.g. How to create an own brand chocolate bar for your outlet)

…and linking them all together will give the client every chance to be found when people ask that question online.

So, was ‘How to rank first for Chocolate’ the right question?

Not quite. To rank first for ‘Chocolate’ may be as likely as winning the lottery outright. But build a content strategy around a more specific longer tail keyword chain, might be much easier to achieve and that can still win you the same amount as getting 6 balls correct in the lottery – just not the bonus ball.

Personally, I always like to lower the odds!

If you are stuck with your keyword ranking. Why not arrange a 30-minute free call with one of our consultants? We promise to start with the correct amount of expectation management.

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