Simplify and measure PPC with HubSpot Ads

Use the HubSpot Ads Add-on to join up the dots and see how one activity relates (or not) to the creation of leads and then closed business.

One of the areas of frustration remains to join up pay per click (PPC) activity, such as in Google Adwords or LinkedIn Ads. Now, not only does HubSpot help you easily measure your sales and marketing activity, with the help of the HubSpot Ads add-on you can get all of your AdWords information in one place.

Now, I know you can set up goals and all that clever stuff in analytics; but you need a first in computer science to set all the permutations up in the first place! Even then, that still only tells me which ads are creating traffic. They don’t tell me whether that visit (as the visitor is anonymous to google analytics) results in a form completion on a landing page, a sales-ready lead, or if it ends up with a sale.

So I am pleased to say that I’ve just had a demo of the HubSpot Ads add-on measure PPC with HubSpot’s Alex Hanbury, and it seems to address the two fundamental issues for everyday marketers.

  1. Google adwords is way too complex and we can end up paying ‘experts’ large amounts of money to do it for us.
  2. The course of each ad click needs to be tracked right through to the sale so that we can measure PPC impact with an ROI figure for the business, and not just a ‘cost of creating new traffic.’

Simplifying PPC

Setting up a new ad could not be simpler and I love the fact that it starts from the outcome that you want (usually the completion of a form on a landing page). The application looks at the landing page that you volunteer for the ad campaign, and it suggests the keywords that the page is promoting. If you have down the on-page SEO correctly, then you’ll agree with those (although you can still change them) and the building of the ad has begun!

You can then construct your advert(s) as you would in google adwords or LinkedIn ads, set your parameters for where you want the ad to appear, press the button and you have an advert live. The nice thing is knowing that this is still happening in the native google adwords and LinkedIn ads applications and you can go into them and see the campaigns and fine-tune them there. So HubSpot Ads is, in effect, a simplifying layer over the top of the ads mechanism.

Measure PPC impact with a true ROI

As I said above, PPC specialist agencies can only ever report on ad performance in terms of visits to the website. They can’t track the lead creation (form completion) through to sale or no-sale.  That is of course, what HubSpot is all about. So it’s very satisfying to see in the reports dashboard columns that show for each ad campaign the number of views, clicks, conversion to leads, conversion to customer. I said I liked things joined up – and here it is!

hubspot ads

From the HubSpot website – courtesy of a Star Wars fan

Is it for everybody?

I think that if you have invested in google adwords or linkedin ads considerably and are really comfortable setting them up, tuning them and measuring them then you may be frustrated that HubSpot just presents ‘”the essentials”.  Equally, if you only spend £100 per month on PPC then the circa £70 per month cost of the add-on may well be proportionately too much. 

If, however, you are a ‘jack of all trades’ marketer spending on average over £500 per month, I think you will love this new HubSpot add-on. I think it ‘de-mystifies’ the massive complexity of PPC but the real jewel is I know which 50% is producing the leads and can save myself the other 50% or reinvest it more wisely.

Toast: HubSpot Gold Partner – Offer of Help

If you are UK based and would like to discuss how HubSpot Ads could work for your organisation, then please do call us on 01295 221296.  We’d like to help you join up another bit of your marketing!

For full details of how we can help you with HubSpot – whether beginner or advanced – then take a look at our Help with HubSpot service page.  


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