Best kept UK Marketing secret – Hubspot Marketing Platform

BEST KEPT SECRET IN UK MARKETING: The all-in-one HubSpot marketing platform

If you have still to come across the revolutionary all-in-one HubSpot marketing platform (Email and Automation; Lead Generation; Lead Management; Blogging & Social Media; Search Optimisation and Marketing Analytics) then last week’s announcement of Hubspot 3 should make you stop and look.

Here’s a typical scenario of a how it can work: A website visitor converts into a lead because they found a piece of content useful. From that moment forward, HubSpot Contacts starts building an understanding of what interests the lead was based on each interaction he or she has with your company. Each one of those interactions informs and shapes all future communications to that specific lead. What’s more, because Contacts stores the lead’s history with your company, it can approximate where the lead is in their decision-making process to help you tailor content that fits that stage of consideration. Because all of your communication tools are in HubSpot, everything from emails to CTAs, forms, and images on your site take on the ability to adapt to be more relevant to each individual contact.

Sounds good?

So, not only has Hubspot managed to pack into one online application all of the above capabilities, but they all fit together and work together across all online marketing channels. So if you are planning an online campaign with, for example, email, social media, and marketing automation elements, you can now create it all in one platform rather than having to load different applications, co-ordinate responses and try and work out some kind of ROI.  

Hubspot has spent years packing this all together – with encouragement and investment from the likes of and google – and now what is showing in Hubspot 3 is some advantages of not having led the market in each individual element. Hubspot has been able to take the very best practice in each marketing discipline and add it to the service.  So, for example, with emailing they have really easy to use templates; and you can send to dynamic lists (everyone that fits a criteria on an ongoing basis rather than at one point in time).

They have also made some real progress in their contact management functions where you can now see a full picture of the person’s engagement with your company whether it is responding to an offer you sent or whether it is through one of your social media sites.

hubspot marketing platform

Here is a fuller list below of some of the features included in the HubSpot marketing platform. 

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The HubSpot Marketing Platform Latest Release

  • Contacts and the Contact Timeline: The central brain of your marketing, Contacts keeps track of what matters to your leads and customers and how engaged they’ve been with your company.
  • Smart Lists and Segmentation: Smart Lists are contact lists based on a set of criteria; they automatically grow and update over time.
  • Smart CTAs: Powered by data from Contacts, Smart CTAs enable you to create images and calls-to-action for your website or emails that dynamically adapt to reflect the viewer’s interests, industry, lifecycle stage, or other areas of segmentation.
  • Smart Fields: Smart fields are a long-awaited answer to anyone who is sick and tired of filling out yet another website form with the same information. As you collect more information about your leads, Smart Forms remove any field that has been completed in the past, creating shorter and shorter forms for your leads without sacrificing valuable information.
  • Email: Target specific segments, and personalize your sender, subject, and message body content with any field or custom field from your contact profile.
  • Workflows: Workflows enable you to trigger targeted communications based on a lead’s behaviour. A divergence from traditional marketing automation, however, Workflows also allow you to update details in a lead’s profile based on activity across channels, including social media.
  • Social Contacts: See which of your leads clicked on something you shared on social media, and quickly add them to a list to nurture. In the Contact profile, see how active each lead has been in social media and how recently they’ve engaged with you.
  • Landing Pages: Run an entire campaign from one view. Create, test and promote landing pages, then see which channels (email, social, search, etc.) are bringing leads to it.


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