Implementing Inbound marketing

Outbound marketing will only become harder - let us help you implement an inbound approach

Implementing Inbound Marketing is a change of mindset.

…but then, you wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t considering a change.

Do you remember those days when you implemented a marketing campaign by first creating a DM piece or an email blast? Then you had a week or two to think about the next stage…  

Well, Inbound is the opposite in terms of implementation. You really have to get your ‘content ducks in a row’ and your downloads, calls-to-action, landing pages and automated emails defined and created right at the start. 

Sounds like hard work? Not when you consider the huge benefit that comes from setting up an inbound campaign – which is that it doesn’t run once, but can run forever. Toast have inbound campaigns set up over two years ago that still create marketing qualified leads ready for nurturing or responding to.

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Think of it this way – instead of running a campaign to 1,000 people at a time that may be right or wrong for a prospect, you are running 1,000 campaigns at precisely the right time for each person responding to your content.  Which do you think gets better results?

Our process

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So how does Toast Inbound help you get inbound marketing implemented in your organisation?

  • A Content Strategy Workshop – understanding your business goals, your target prospects and existing content
  • Content Research – what keywords to target, what content needs creating, what is the starting point, what are competitors doing
  • Inbound Marketing Plan – define the content to create over the next planning timeframe (usually 12 months) and populate a content calendar
  • Find the right inbound marketing tools to help – we use HubSpot to support inbound marketing campaigns. We also have WordPress tools that can provide some of the solution if you are not ready to take the plunge into automation.
  • We stay alongside you in whichever way you feel achieves your goals. We can run inbound campaigns for you or we can be there to optimise your content to get the best possible results. Best of all – there will be no ‘SEO hocus pocus’ – just lots of analytics to show what is happening and what the ROI is. 

Why Toast Inbound?

toast inbound digital marketing agency

Toast Inbound implemented its first inbound marketing campaign in 2012 – for itself. Soon after we became fully fledged inbound marketers with the support of HubSpot – who practically invented the term!

We’ve now been supporting client’s inbound marketing activities for some 5 years – ranging from acting as a virtual inbound marketer within an existing marketing function to running an entire year of inbound marketing campaigns for organisations that choose to outsource their marketing.

Talk to us about where you are on the inbound marketing journey and we can put together a package of support that fits your need and your budget.

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Some of the tools we use to deliver this service

inbound sales salesforce
SEO google analytics
PPC google adwords
HubSpot Sales Pro
HubSpot marketing support

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