Why Inbound Marketing is beneficial for a business development strategy?

Business Development is a term used for a multitude of activities, depending on who you talk to or the role you do. However, no matter what you mean by business development, every definition of the term will have one thing in common – the need to reach out to people who have an interest in you and your company. Inbound sales techniques can help you improve your business development strategy.

How do you find those people? How do you know when the right time is to engage with them? (I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve had conversations that I’d love to have followed up, but it was just the wrong time for one reason or another).

Change your business development strategy from quantity to quality

Traditional business development methods involve time spent on calls, meetings, seminars etc., a high proportion of which is ultimately wasted. Sure you may build contacts for the future but does that further your aims today? Not only that but people change jobs and companies so many of those contacts may or may not be relevant at the ‘right time’.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you knew that the person you were contacting knew something about your business and was interested in learning more? Perhaps they have a need now that you could help them with? Inbound can help with all of this by making every conversation relevant, topical and timely.

What about when you have had the conversation but the timing is not right? How do you keep track of contacts and their activities our update them on what you are up to? Inbound strategies and tools can do all this for you, and flag when the time might be right to re-engage.

On top of that, it also frees up your time and resources for more productive tasks, no more wasted time on the phone, motorway or exhibition floor.

How Inbound can help your business development strategy

Inbound Sales and Marketing works by using the power of the Internet, tailored content and social media to attract visitors to your website where they can be researched, tracked and encouraged to explore more on a bespoke one to one level. Once they reach a preset threshold of activity they are flagged to your team for follow-up.

Amazing how a simple change in marketing approach can seriously impact your productivity, revenue and profitability.

How can you implement inbound marketing into your marketing strategy?

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