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Implementing HubSpot and Inbound Marketing for Business Users and Major Events

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"We have worked with Toast to implement and manage our HubSpot solution for various inbound marketing and data campaigns. Vaughn and the wider Toast team can always be relied upon to be helpful, efficient and insightful."


Marketing Manager, The British Library


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Supporting exhibitions and the Business & Intellectual Property function with Inbound Marketing

The Client

The British Library is the biggest library in the world and is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Toast Inbound were approached by the Head of Marketing in 2013 and asked to give a talk on inbound marketing to find out how it can be used. The team were impressed with the approach and with HubSpot as a tool to deliver marketing campaigns. Two departments – the Business & IP Centre and Events – stepped forward to take it on.

1). Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC)
The BIPC helps start-ups and small businesses to launch businesses, protect their ideas and to continue growing. By running an ‘Innovation for Growth’
program, they offer funding to assist in expansion. The BIPC is a segment of the Library that generates revenue for the overall operation. In recent times this has become crucial within the operation, due to funding cuts.

The first use of HubSpot was to control the downloading of over 30 industry guides and 4 intellectual property guides that the Library had created. Previously these could be taken straight from the website meaning that the BIPC had no information on who was accessing them. It also meant they couldn’t contact these users with information on valuable resources that could be accessed at the Library.

Some 7,000 downloads later and the BIPC now has a wealth of data on people looking for business support and can target events and resources at them
through automated emails that follow a download.

2). Events Department
Throughout the year, the British Library host a series of varied major events. From Harry Potter and Magna Carta to Gothic’s and Georgian London, the Library require marketing resources to help run them. There are also associated competitions where the Library can get over 40,000 submissions into promotional draw.



  • Gain insight into who is downloading the business guides
  • Develop and nurture these leads, offering complementary services
  • Provide landing pages for competitions run by the Library
  • Provide HubSpot support to analyse traffic, keywords and contact lists


  • The British Library run HubSpot Enterprise as they have a large number of contact records and publish content over several sub-domains
  • For each of the 34 industry and IP guides, landing pages have been created. On each landing page there is a form so that the British Library
    can collate information on a lead.
  • Once a lead has filled out a form, they are entered into a dedicated workflow for the guide. The workflows have been designed to nurture the
    leads and provide additional specific content that may be of use to visitors.
  • Toast Inbound have been able to set up Event Campaigns on HubSpot in a couple of days so that they always reflect the very latest details.

Key Results

Since taking on the client in October 2013…

  • The competition to attend the opening of the Magna Carta event received 44,000 submissions on a landing page that we had designed and created
  • HubSpot contains 130 landing pages
  • There are over 100 automated emails set up, with an overall 55% open rate and a CTR of 11.2%
  • Landing page submissions regularly hit 40% submission rate (average 20-25%)

What did Toast Inbound learn

Having the pleasure to work with such an iconic knowledge centre such as the British Library has taught us how important it is to have your content material at a high standard.

Digital Marketing in London, Camden

Although our office is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, we work with businesses all over the country. The British Library is located in the Central London. Whilst this may be 75 miles away from our Oxfordshire based office, we are able to successfully provide them with a full range of digital marketing services by having good and transparent communication whether that be through project management tools such as Basecamp, phone calls, emails or face to face catch ups.

Services used:

HubSpot support
HubSpot support
Implementing Inbound marketing
Implementing Inbound marketing
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Lead Generation
Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Content Strategy Workshop
Content Strategy Workshop

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