Quick Checklist for your Inbound Marketing Campaign

How to run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Finally completed your Inbound Marketing Campaigns? But, not too sure that you’ve created an effective inbound marketing campaign that will generate leads? It is only in recent years that running a marketing campaign meant that marketers no longer needed to keep their fingers crossed. The Toast Inbound checklist: How to run an Inbound Marketing Campaign, provides a new framework that helps to solve common marketing problems. Could we provide you with inbound marketing solutions that will win you more business?

Every marketer’s biggest fears are the problems of disconnected tools, insufficient keywords that don’t lead to more traffic and content not relating back to buyer personas.

Historically, running a campaign normally only consisted of an email or paid for ads. Now in today’s world prospects come and find out about you by visiting your website, following you on social media platforms or simply reading a blog. So prospects now come and find you at a time that suits them, rather than when it suits you.

How can you be sure that your Inbound Marketing Campaign will be effective?

The Toast Inbound checklist: How to run an Inbound Marketing Campaign. This checklist ensures that your campaign remains consistent, provides remarkable content and increases traffic for your website.

Offering 10 simple steps on how to launch your own Inbound Marketing Campaign, the checklist will guide you through converting website visitors into leads and customers.

Quick introduction to the Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

  • Inbound Marketing CampaignIdentify – Who is your campaign audience?
  • Set your goals – Have you used SMART goals as a guideline?
  • Landing pages – Have you created or optimised your landing pages?
  • Nurture – Have you planned any follow up campaigns to maintain your leads?
  • Blog post – Have you made readers aware of your campaign?
  • Social Media – Have you promoted your blog?
  • Keywords – Is your campaign SEO friendly?
  • Other channels – Have you considered different channels as part of your inbound campaign?
  • URLs – How are you visitors finding you?
  • Reports – How effective has your campaign be? Have you met your goals?

inbound marketing campaign checklist

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