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How we increased traffic by 46% in 12 months and built a lead generation pipeline

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"We find that using Toast for our website and online marketing saves us a great deal of time and fundamentally an extra member of staff in the office! We are very particular about the way we like things done and have found Toast very accommodating to that, having put together a bespoke package so we can help write our own content which sounds like ‘us’ while still benefitting from their design and SEO expertise.."

Playsmart inbound marketing project

MD, PlaySmart UK Ltd

inbound marketing project

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Inbound marketing project – PlaySmart UK

The Client

PlaySmart UK supply and install superior safety surfacing and pathways for playgrounds and recreation areas nationally. Their customers range from playgroups and Parish Councils wanting safety flooring for outdoor play areas, to large-scale clients in the entertainment industry looking to install safety surfaces at theme parks.

The playground flooring industry has become exceedingly competitive in recent years – however, PlaySmart themselves have managed to align themselves as well-known industry leaders. A lot of their surfacing solutions are exclusive to them and they pride themselves on their excellent customer service. 

What were PlaySmart trying to achieve online?

When we were first approached by PlaySmart, their website had historically brought business but was starting to look a little dated and not bringing as much organic traffic. It became clear that a new website was needed to prove that PlaySmart were the best choice for playground flooring. 

Once the website was live and had been optimised for search engines (using on-page SEO), the emphasis in PlaySmart’s digital strategy switched to creating a content creation strategy, with inbound marketing principles to support it.



  • Grow their organic presence through regular blogging on key topics
  • Maintain their website to a high standard (including the removal of many SEO practices used by previous agencies that are now punished by search engines)
  • Create industry guides to promote their products and highlight how PlaySmart could solve the common problems faced by potential buyers
  • Produce content for all levels of the sales funnel – for people just researching safety surfaces or for those about to buy
  • Nurture leads by responding via email to form completions and downloads of guides


  • Created 2 large pieces of premium content designed specifically to target their buyer personas
  • As well as larger pieces of premium content, we’ve created smaller pieces, such as flooring specifications and Q&A’s
  • Each piece of content has their own associated lead flow (a promotional panel placed on specific pages) to capture information
  • PlaySmart use a HubSpot MailChimp integration in order to nurture leads by sending them a series of well-thought-out, relevant, emails
  • Published and made 110 blogs SEO friendly. We recommended to PlaySmart that they should write blogs to appeal to those at the top and the bottom of the sales funnel. Top of the funnel content includes: “Why are my grass mats sinking?” and an example of bottom of the funnel content is: “Why choose PlaySmart UK”
  • Sending out of monthly e-shots to their mailing list via MailChimp to continue the lead nurturing process
  • We continue to maintain their website and manage their SEO

Key Results

PlaySmart UK are a great example of one of our long-term retainer clients. Since taking the client on in 2014, we have achieved the following:

  • Conversion rate on lead flows reaching 6% (a good rate is 2-3%)
  • Open rate on e-shots has reached 38% and CTR has been as high as 12.5%
  • Marketing automation for our industry guides have an open rate of 35% and a CTR of 12.6%
  • Organic traffic has increased by 46% compared to last year’s figures (November 2017)
  • 110 blogs published and 28 pages live

Future of this inbound marketing project

  • Changes in ‘good’ SEO practices over the last 12 months have led to a development of our future SEO strategy for PlaySmart. Now, we’ll be looking to pull together pillar pages based on targeted keywords and write more in-depth blogs in order to rank strongly for those highly sought after terms
  • Work to better understand the chain from inbound marketing into inbound sales. That way we get an even more accurate figure for the ROI of the digital marketing plan
  • Continue to be PlaySmart’s inbound marketing partner in both tactical and strategic activities
  • Carry on managing their website and performing any maintenance that may arise to keep it in optimal health

What did Toast Inbound learn

Working on PlaySmart’s inbound marketing project has reinforced what we already believed in terms of the importance of creating a wide range of content suitable for different levels of the sales funnel. The MailChimp integration that PlaySmart use for their marketing automation has helped to widened our inbound marketing toolkit to ensure prospective buyers are nurtured efficiently through the marketing funnel. 


Inbound marketing in Solihull, West Midlands

Although our office is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, we work with businesses all over the country. Playsmart UK are located in Solihull within the West Midlands. Whilst this may be a 45-minute drive away from our office based in Banbury (Oxfordshire), we are able to successfully provide them with a full range of inbound marketing services by having good and transparent communication whether that be through project management tools such as Basecamp, phone calls, emails or face to face catch ups.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation
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Inbound Marketing Agency
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HubSpot Training and Workshops
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