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Inbound marketing support; when it comes to social media, it’s not who you know, it’s what you know.

inbound marketing supportFrom talking to our clients, Toast knows that social media marketing is high-up on the agenda. We also know that many people we work with are unsure how to quantify the results of our combined inbound marketing efforts.

There’s email marketing, Facebook, blogs, twitter and other campaigns that companies run, but short of knowing who clicked a link, opened an email or followed you what else can you do?

The answer is one hell of a lot more.

If we were to tell you that you could create email and social campaigns that identified, in person, the visitors to your marketing channels that are interested in your service or product, it would be a step-up. If we then tell you that we can help you name them, track them, friend and follow them, it would be something more. What about setting up a series of lead-nurturing actions that automatically move that visitor down your marketing funnel to convert them into a happy customer. Whoa – that is some useful marketing data and something that can set you apart.

Let’s add that we can also prove what social media, blogging and other campaigns are working. How many leads, pipeline-data, conversion rates and eventual customers you get from your efforts. You see where this is going… inbound marketing.

Toast is a Hubspot Gold certified inbound marketing partner in the UK. What makes us different is that we’re able to offer you all the stuff you need. Effective creative, keyword-packed copywriting, in-house strategic management, consultancy, a dedicated PR team and lead generation experts all under one roof. We’re not just ‘resellers’, we’re everything you need to get your inbound marketing on-track and to prove how well it’s working.

The ROI on your social marketing and blogging is now measurable. Imagine being able to stand up in a meeting and be able to say that 15% of your new customers this month have come directly from your twitter, facebook and email campaigns. AND you can show you which tweet, post and blog has made this happen.

If you’d like to find out more about our inbound marketing support and how we can help you maximise your web and social media opportunities and convert visitors into leads, call us on 01295 266644. We can help you with inbound marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. We can also prove and show you how effective we are. Ask your current agency if they can do the same.

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