Inbound Sales Tips for 2017

Summarising 107 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Smarter

As a salesperson, do you ever find yourself wondering how you can sell smarter next year? Would you like to stop wasting time on useless tasks and start closing more deals is less time? Sales and Marketing gurus, HubSpot, have released “107 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Smarter” and as we appreciate that you’re very busy, we’ve taken time to help you out and we have trolled through them all to give you the six best inbound sales tips for 2017.

Our Top 6 Inbound Sales Tips For 2017

#1 “In a typical firm with 100-500 employees, an average of 7 people are involved in most buying decisions”

7 people = 7 buyer personas. These people will all have different questions and motives behind making a purchase and your content that you provide them with should reflect that. It’s important to appreciate that nitty-gritty technical information may not be of interest to a CEO you’re pitching to. Gearing your content appropriately to various potential buyer personas will ensure you cover all bases, and make you look extremely efficient and professional whilst you’re at it.

2017 Tip: Ensure you have content for each buyer persona.

#2 “After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories. Only 5% remember statistics”

You want to be in the 5% that remember this statistic! Next time you’re putting together a presentation, why not fit in an anecdotal story? Of course, it must have some link to what you’re selling. Distinguish yourself from the crowd, let your personality shine through and you’ll be far more memorable to prospective buyers. We do love a stat here at Toast, however, and would suggest starting or ending a presentation with a statistic that will amaze your audience.

2017 Tip: Prepare some stories of how you’ve helped other organisations

#3 “Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment”

We’ve heard on the grapevine that cold calling is dead, and we think that this stat is enough proof for you to stop cold calling right this instant! So what do you replace cold calling with we hear you say? Read on to the next tips…

2017 Tip: Just don’t do cold calling. There is no ROI. Create great content instead.

#4 “You are 70% more likely to get an appointment on an unexpected sale if you join LinkedIn Groups.”

Stop cold calling and join groups. In this digital age, LinkedIn groups are a meeting hub for buyers to come together to discuss problems and find solutions – use this to your advantage! By knowing what your ideal customers are struggling with, you can offer bespoke solutions. It doesn’t stop with just LinkedIn…

2017 Tip: Networking still works – online as well as offline.

#5 “Social media has a 100% high lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.”

Twitter is another great platform to use – follow relevant accounts and tweet information that a prospective buyer would find interesting. Appeal to your personas! This is another tactic you can use to boost your professional appearance, which in turn builds trust and therefore you’re more likely to complete that sale.

2017 Tip: Listen, then join in relevant conversations with information not offers.

#6 “Alignment of sales and marketing impacts revenue growth up to 3 times.”

Otherwise known as smarketing. In a perfect world, the two teams would be working in tandem and complete harmony with one another. It’s important for you as a sales person to understand educational material that your prospective buyer needs, and relay this information back to marketing in order for them to create remarkable content. Position marketing as a content creation engine and sales as a learning and distribution engine and you can’t go wrong!

Ultimately, the message is simple. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and direct your sales through information they would like to be communicated via their preferred channels.

2017 Tip: Both departments have a key role in helping buyers find answers to their questions.

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