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Explore with Toast the inbound sales vs outbound sales debate

What if customers came looking for you rather than the other way round?

We all know that shopping habits have changed over the last few years. Buyers are much more aware and tend to do their own research before reaching out to experts such as you. In fact, over 57% of buying decisions are now made before the customer even reaches out to suppliers. To combat this, inbound sales techniques have been developed to ensure that sales teams can reach out earlier to potential clients in a very non-threatening way to allow the buyer to proceed at their pace. In our view, this is a perfect Inbound Sales definition

Traditionally, the buyer would be aware of a potential solution through normal marketing activities such as mail shots, direct mailers and advertising. The buyer would then express an interest to a vendor and then the seller takes control and drives the sale, hopefully, to a successful conclusion. From the buyer’s viewpoint, this was never the best approach, as they are fed information piecemeal and may not have the whole picture.

The introduction of the Internet and social media changed everything. Now buyers can get much more information from many more sources, most unsanctioned and out of the control of the vendor. In fact, most purchase decisions are now researched on 10 or more sources such as the Internet, social media, word of mouth before vendors are involved. In short, the control of the process has shifted to the buyer and away from the vendor. If you’d like to know more, we’ll happily share our top Inbound Sales tips.


Our sales techniques have to change accordingly.

The sales challenge now is to connect with buyers before they make the decisions. We do this by moving from a ‘vendor’ to an ‘information source’ at the early stages of the funnel and in doing so make sure that the correct information is available to them at every stage of the process. This requires you to understand the customer far more than before and to present information to them in a way they can understand and appreciate.

Our process

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Inbound Sales services from Toast help you to become that information source.

All of our engagements start by understanding you, your customers and their needs. We follow the inbound marketing process, which is centred on attracting visitors to your site and converting these visitors into leads. This allows visitors to engage with you, rather than interrupting potential prospects with out-dated outbound methods.

As a visitor progresses through his journey towards a decision, inbound sales teams engage the customer

Rather than relying on the traditional approach of cold calling, mailshots and other time-consuming activities; the inbound sales approach takes information learned during the Inbound Marketing activities and applies it to learning about the customer before contact is initiated. Thus, it is no longer a cold call but one to a live prospect who will be interested in hearing from you. This ensures that your call success rate is greatly increased.

We use HubSpot’s Sales Hub solution to automate email sequencing, allowing personalised emails to be built quickly and easily from templates. This enables sales follow-ups to happen with the minimum of fuss, making your sales team more effective and ensuring improved customer satisfaction. These processes are easily integrated either with HubSpot’s CRM system or almost any other readily available system, such as Salesforce or Dynamics.

Visibility and reporting are also important to any sales activity and HubSpot’s tools offer clear reporting tools by individual and by team.

Our inbound sales services include:

  • Helping you set up processes, lead flows and email sequences
  • Aligning sales activities to marketing
  • Implementing HubSpot Sales HUB and CRM for clients
  • Providing regular reporting on activities

Having a background of managing sales teams such as yours, we feel that we have a wealth of experience and can help you with maximising the effectiveness of your sales team and the promotion of inbound sales techniques.

Why Toast Inbound?

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Sales and marketing are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist without each other. We decided when developing the team that we needed people skilled and experienced in both. This means that not only can we help you with your marketing and messaging, we can also help you develop the sales processes and team skills to implement it most effectively. With over 30 years sales experience, and 20+ years sales management within the team can can help you develop the processes and systems, along with sales enablement training to get the best return from your investment as quickly as possible. Not something many agencies like ourselves can offer.

If you are looking for an inbound Sales partner for enablement or ongoing support activities, we are more than happy to help.


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