How to introduce Inbound Marketing Infographic

Inbound marketing has flipped the idea of traditional marketing on its head.

Unlike traditional marketing, where the marketer had all the control, inbound marketing is concerned with empowering and enticing customers in to a business. In the article we are looking into why and how to introduce Inbound Marketing.

Introduce Inbound MarketingThe methodology of inbound marketing focuses on: attract, convert, close and delight strangers who eventually become promoters of inbound marketing. The key components of inbound marketing is the use of buyer personas. These allow businesses to get to know their customers and create the right content to attract potential customers.

The Inbound Infographic aids businesses when they wish to introduce Inbound Marketing into their organisation. Providing a step by step account on how to effectively use inbound, in three simple phases your website can be fully adapted to attract customers based on buyer personas, therefore allowing your business to increase its traffic.

Phase one focuses on discovery and analysis. This phase encourages you to gather critical information on how to define goals and objectives, resources, brand and communications, customer insight, complete a written strategy and technology. Each sub-section provides clear information and instructions on how to gather the correct research to create your content.

Phase two is centred on laying the foundation of your inbound marketing infrastructure. Describing the importance of keyword development, creating personas, content marketing and keeping it up-to-date. As well as focusing on the necessity of referring back to analytics and reports, handling social media and ensuring the correct segmentation of your content.

Lastly, phase three’s primary concern is the use of inbound tactics and the execution of them. The Inbound Infographic provides a clear example of how funnelling unknown prospects can lead to loyal customers.

How can we help introduce Inbound Marketing?

  • Implementing Inbound Marketing – Do you need help implementing your idea of change? Toast Inbound can help by providing the complete service of content strategy, content research, an Inbound Marketing plan and finding the right inbound marketing tools to help.
  • Content Strategy – Do you need help understanding your content? Toast Inbound lead Content Strategy Workshops to help ensure you understand your business goal, target prospectus and existing content.
  • Content Marketing – Do you need help creating content marketing? After producing content for you, we look at posting it through several channels as well as creating videos for you websites.
  • HubSpot Gold Partner – To do Inbound Marketing properly, we can help you get started on the HubSpot platform and get the most benefit from its use as possible.


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