How to Write a Lead-Generating Blog

The good news is that you don’t need to be a great writer to be a great blogger. 

Sure, copy that’s full of typos and grammatical errors won’t do much for your copy’s credibility, but it needn’t be perfect. So assuming you know your business and can write with a little conversational rhythm, here’s five points to bear in mind that’ll turn your posts into effective lead generators.


Write to solve, not sell

This is a concept old-school marketers can still struggle with. The idea of spending resources on content that doesn’t explicitly sell a product can seem counterintuitive. But in writing to solve an issue your target demographic might have, you’re establishing your business as a source of trusted information they’ll come to when they’re ready to buy. You’re still selling in a roundabout way, but not like an interruptive sales pitch or press release would. Ultimately, this means creating content that focuses entirely on your customer, not yourself.

Lead-Generating Blog

Be consistent

Publishing to a regular schedule helps generate regular visitors – which in turn should generate regular leads. If a visitor finds a piece really compelling and knows that at the same time next week there’ll be a similar piece going up, of course, they’ll come back to read it! Every return visit is another chance for your site to sell your product, so give your readers a good reason to keep checking in. 

Lead-Generating Blog

Keep it simple. Keep it straight

This means breaking information down into easily digestible chunks. Within seconds of clicking on your post, your reader will have decided if they’re prepared to read through it entirely or not. And unless they can hone in on the information they need immediately; they’re not going to bother. Breaking your work down into short paragraphs, bullet points, or even numbered lists, will go a long way towards ensuring visitors see what you have to say.

Lead-Generating Blog

Ask yourself

When your reader reaches the end of your post, where can they go? Your visitors can’t become leads if there’s no opportunity for them to explore your site further, so link to similar articles you’ve written which may be relevant to them. If they’ve found your post useful and want more information, they shouldn’t have to go searching for it and risk ending up on a competitor’s site. Make sure your reader has plenty of relevant, obvious options to hand when they’ve finished reading.

Lead-Generating Blog

Promote it!

You’ve spent time and resources on the work, so why wouldn’t you get it out to as many people as possible?  Social sharing plays a massive part in this, from both sharing the work yourself to facilitating sharing for your readers. For WordPress users, tools like JetPack make this completely automatic and involve minimum setup time.

Ensuring your post has immediately recognisable on-page social icons, means that sharing it out to readers’ friends and colleagues is just a click away, (and the extra exposure doesn’t cost you a penny!)


In short, an excellent lead-generating blog should be: informative, consistent, easy to read, easy to share, and should keep visitors clicking through your content.  Bear these points in mind when writing your copy and you’ll begin to see fresh new visitors turning into valuable new buyers.

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