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A lead generation website starts with education not sales

The best way to increase lead generation from your digital marketing is to stop overtly selling your products and services and actually helping your prospects. We like to build lead generating websites that work hard for our clients, and the early stages of a project need to be done properly to make sure your site performs well.

If someone is researching how to paint their garage floor they don’t want a 3 for 2 offer – they want a guide to the different options depending on what the floor is made of. Make sense? In order for lead generation to be successful, it’s important to create an offering for all levels of the inbound marketing funnel. 

So be helpful! Share something of your expertise and experience. You’ve probably been asked every question at some time.

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Our process

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What would Toast do for us?

We want to create for you a regular, high quality, supply of good leads to work on in order to grow your business. The secret is to understand your buyer personas and also what they want from you as they move through the buyer journey. Using this we can help you develop strong lead generation ideas which help your site to be found. Why is this important? Well if you get found online as prospects start researching, answer all of their questions as they progress, and always respect where they are in the journey, you will be on their list of potential partners.

Toast will work with you to identify and develop and lead generating marketing strategies and the content that you need to get sales leads, working through your online presence. We’ll consider downloadable guides, tips, how to’s, etc. that you can offer on your website and through social media. The cost to visitors for such useful information will simply be an email address. From the email address, we can tell you something about that person and their company (if B2B) from social media and our inbound marketing business database.

Where does this get me in the sales process?

You know what the prospect is researching, you will have profiling information matched from the internet, you can start nurturing with marketing automation.

Lead Nurturing

Online leads can be some of your warmest – and your job is to use your content to move them down the sales funnel to the bottom. Carefully timed, automated nudges, can keep leads fully engaged with your products or services. How does marketing automation work?

The generation of marketing qualified leads (see Convert visitors to leads) needs to be followed up with a period of nurturing before the close. Those are your warmest leads and your job is to use your online materials to move them down the sales funnel to the very bottom. This is when they will be open to some nudges to engage which can be achieved a number of ways.

This stage is where marketing automation – comprising automated emails with dedicated calls-to-actions and landing pages – really comes into its own. This can also serve to keep your own staff fully up to date with everything the prospect is engaged with (views, opens, clicks, submissions, downloads etc.

Whatever you do, you also need to make sure these contacts are seeing all your new blogs as you
develop your stories on how you help solve problems.

Why Toast Inbound?

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Combining business experience with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques means that we can help you.  We will draw on the successes we’ve had with our client to partner you in developing your digital marketing strategy for the purpose of generating leads for your company. Not only do we understand the analytics behind lead generation but was also know the right lead generation content to create. 

We’ll not be expecting some huge retainer from you in month one because we always want to demonstrate that what we do works. Whether you are looking for a short piece of consultancy to help get you on the right lead generation track, or want to form a partnership to help you over the longer term, we are more than happy to help.

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Some of the tools we use to deliver this service

SEO google analytics
PPC google adwords
HubSpot marketing support
wordpress for lead generation
SEO Tools SemRush

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