Low down on what’s new in Google Analytics 2017

Google state on their website that their mission is:

“To organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Since 1998 they’ve been doing just that. They’re pioneers in search, with their dominance showing sign of halting as they continue to revolutionise the way we make decisions.

At Toast Inbound, we understand that Google is a fundamental cornerstone of Digital Marketing. The more we educate ourselves with the tools it has to offer, the better equipped we will be to help our clients run inbound marketing campaigns. Google’s June 2017 Analytics newsletter is brimming with new product innovations, and here are our top features.

Key features of what’s new in Google Analytics 2017

Google Optimise

A free tool, Google Optimise helps marketers test and deliver customer site experiences to improve performance. Now, it’s possible to quickly create new versions of your landing pages and apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Google Optimise will figure out which variation works best for your business.

Survey 360

Survey 360 takes the hard work out of creating a survey, finding a specific audience sample and generating results. This helps give a greater understanding of why consumers are reacting the way they do to your marketing.

Smarter Planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Bid Manager looks at historical data from previous campaigns to help you understand what’s performed well for you before. Using your unique marketing goals, it can recommend the right inventory and targeting to reach your audience.

Unique Reach arrives for AdWords display campaigns and DoubleClick

So you’ve got your ads up and running, what next? Any marketing expert would be interested in finding out how many people are seeing them. Reach and frequency are hallmark metrics to measure the impact of display and video ads.

Google released a stat saying that “30% of people today use 5+ devices” – if that’s to be believed, it’s important that we’re not overloading the same people with the same information. Think of how annoying it can be seeing the same advert on TV multiple times – well this would be the digital equivalent.

Unique Reach helps you measure the number of unique users and average impressions per user you get from video and display ads. Metrics are de-duplicated across devices, so you can understand how many people you have reached and how often you reached them. You can, therefore, get a greater understanding of the optimal amount of times to display an ad to a user and use that information to your advantage. This takes away the risk of overloading potential leads.

How is Toast Inbound keeping finding out what’s new in Google Analytics 2017?

If used properly, these latest developments in Google Analytics will make it easier for your campaigns to succeed. Toast Inbound are constantly looking out for ways digital consumer behaviour is evolving and educating themselves so that they’re the go-to agency for Google related Digital Marketing. For more information on how to make the most of Google Analytics for your business, why not get in touch?  You can reach us directly on: 01295 221296

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