Social Media for Business – The Big Three

There’s a broad spectrum of social platforms to utilize, each with their own unique features and communities.

Best practices suggest we should target just one or two of these, rather than spread resources out across several. So to help you choose the best social media marketing platforms for your business, we’ve broken down three social giants we find particularly effective.


social media for business facebook

Head and shoulders over every other social media channel; Facebook boasts a massive 1.5 billion registered accounts and over 16 million local business pages. With users spending an average of 20 minutes per visit to the site, there’s plenty of time to grab a their attention through Facebook’s highly effective targeted advertising service.

But the personal nature of the platform provides an opportunity for your business to show its ‘human side’ as well as simply advertise itself. This should be the go-to place for posting photos of corporate events and charity work, and for reaching out to your existing audience for feedback.

Regardless of your product’s nature, the universal popularity of the service means it really should be a default ‘social media for business’ choice.


social media for business facebook

With 320 million active users, Twitter is one of our favorite platforms for taking content and getting it viral. The 140-character limit lends itself to immediate information; and as a result, works brilliantly for business on the cutting edge, or involved in current affairs.

Marketing companies, journalistic outlets, and tech business will benefit the most from Twitter’s fast-paced nature, but only if it’s used properly. Posts with images receive 89% more ‘favorites’ than those without, and 150% more retweets. Aim to be the go-to source for up to the minute information in your sector, tag relevant users, hashtag everything, and the watch the followers roll in.


social media for business facebook

100 million active users on LinkedIn make it the largest dedicated business and corporate networking site on the web. The professional nature of the channel means there’s less room for holiday snaps and cat videos than on other platforms, but the opportunities for sharing best practices, engaging with other businesses and talking shop with market leaders, are abundant.

LinkedIn groups play a big role in this, and with upto thousands of members at a time, these are fantastic forums to promote your company as innovators and thought leaders.

A personal LinkedIn profile should be a given these days, but a company page can act as a brilliant hub for engaging those interested in your product. But consider the channel as more of a brand-building tool than an opportunity for sales.

Across these three channels, it’s possible to reach a huge audience from both personal and professional angles, selling your product, business and self.

Next week, we’re going to take a look at three smaller social platforms you might not have considered, and their niche benefits.


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