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Pushing messages further to gain a wider audience and community

Is social media marketing right for my business?

Love it or hate it – social media is here to stay and is a core communication tool in today’s modern world. 

Should my business be using social media? 

If your buyer personas are using social media, you should be too. It’s another method of communicating with your potential buyers and it lends itself to the inbound methodology of being a non-interruptive type of marketing tool.

Our process

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At Toast Inbound, we use social media marketing within our clients’ campaigns to push our messages further and gain a wider audience and community. Research has shown that customers are better engaged with a company when they follow them on a social media platform, but they will become disengaged if that company uses the stream to simply shout about how great they are.

At Toast Inbound we believe in creating a social media content strategy based on the principles of inbound marketing and using an ideal buyer persona for our starting point. This ensures that we only create and share content which is of interest to the buyer persona.

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Measuring ROI with social media

Many companies use social media to build their brand, but it is important to define clear and measurable objectives when creating a social media strategy. Using landing pages with forms and downloads increases the opportunity to gain qualified leads via social media. Our consultants use HubSpot tools which allow them to track all parts of the process so that you can measure the leads that have been gained as a direct result of your social media campaigns.


Which social media platform is best for my business?

This is a great question as it is not always a case of ‘the more the merrier’.  This is where your buyer persona is key. Understanding which channels your buyer is using will enable you to ascertain where to start, but it is important to test channels regularly as buyer behaviour is constantly evolving. The HubSpot social media tools are able to pinpoint which social media is working and report on what type of posts are gaining the most interest.


Toast Inbound use the following social media channels:


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Why Toast Inbound?

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In previous marketing roles, we’ve had hands-on experience managing ongoing social media programs for both B2B and B2C organisations. As such, we have a very grounded approach and if we don’t think social media will bring you lots of leads, we’ll say so.  Where it does work, Toast Inbound understands how to find audiences and how to address them in a way that produces engagement and business opportunities.

With tools such as HubSpot and Google Analytics, we can see the traffic that is created from social media activity and which of those contacts become customers. In this way, we can advise which social media channels to use in an organisation’s marketing mix.

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