Top 6 digital marketing blogs for marketing managers

There is no doubt that Digital Marketing is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Whether you’re just starting out in digital marketing or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s impossible to keep up with all the content that’s being written on the subject. Any successful Marketing Manager will have a selection of digital and inbound marketing blogs that they read regularly to keep up to date with the ‘need to know’ trends and website developments.

As an inbound marketing agency, it is our job to keep abreast of the digital world for our clients so we can advise them on the best new ideas and knowledge. We’re always on the look for a solid digital marketing blog, which can cut out the ‘noise’ and focus us on the most important internet news.

The Toast Inbound team have researched, collaborated and discussed so that we can bring to you our top digital marketing blogs!

1. Marketing Land 

Marketing Land is a fantastic ‘one stop shop’ resource for digital marketing news. It features a great variety of blogs including topics such as social media marketing, SEO, SEM and industry news. It has a separate website called ‘Search Engine Land’ which specializes in SEO and SEM content.

If you’re looking for a blog to give you a great overview of the digital marketing industry then this is the blog for you.

Favourite Marketing Land blog post of 2018: Get inside your customer’s head. A guide to writing irresistible calls to action. 

2. Convince & Convert 

The Convince & Convert website is led by Jay Baer who describes them as ‘strategists and practitioners of social media, content marketing, influencer marketing and customer experience.’ It’s a slightly more in-depth look at digital marketing with lots of interesting stats thrown in to add proof to the pudding.

Favourite Convince & Convert blog post of 2018: 9 B2B Content Marketing Musts for 2018 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a good place to start if you’re looking to understand more about inbound marketing. The blog offers a variety of interesting content around digital marketing. With catchy titles and a handy little feature which suggests how long each blog will take you to read (the majority are well under 5 minutes), there is no excuse not to enjoy one of these once a week. Do you want HubSpot support from a gold-certified agency?

Favourite HubSpot blog post of 2018: The 5 Biggest Social Media Lessons HubSpot Learned in 2017 

4. The Moz Blog

The Moz blog is good for any marketer or business owner who wants to stay up to date with SEO. The blogs are both interesting and readable which is refreshing for a subject which is notoriously geeky and overwhelming. Not only do they explain the changes that are taking place in SEO and digital marketing generally, they also offer some great practical advice on how to deal with new algorithms and developments in the world of Google and content creation.

Favourite Moz blog post of 2018: The Biggest Mistake Digital Marketers Ever Made: Claiming to measure everything

5. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a best selling author with various accolades such as ‘top influencer’ and ‘top 10 marketer’. His blog covers everything there is to know about digital marketing. Many of his blogs contain videos and podcasts which can make your learning journey more interesting and you can listen to him while you work!

Favourite Neil Patel blog post of 2018: 21 Actionable Google Analytics Tips That’ll Boost Your Sales 

6. Kissmetrics Blog

The Kissmetrics Blog includes a lot of comprehensive blogs on fairly specific areas of digital marketing. It’s no nighttime read but if you’re looking for support, it will give you step by step instructions on how to achieve something along with other useful resources to look at. The Link building blog below is a good example of this.

Favourite Kissmetrics blog post of 2018: 78 Link Building Resources

One more for luck…!

7. The Toast Inbound Blog!

The Toast Inbound blog covers everything a Marketing Manager could need to know about digital marketing and as we’re a HubSpot Gold Partner we always review any new HubSpot updates and products. Blogs are written by employees of Toast Inbound so they represent a wide variety of views and skillsets within digital and inbound marketing.

Favourite Toast Inbound blog post of 2018: this one! 😉 only joking…my colleague Lizzie wrote this fantastic blog on Location-based SEO – How to rank for a targeted area

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Author – Rachel Johnson

Rachel is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Toast Inbound.  She helps clients create a digital marketing strategy which will help them reach their business objectives and generate profitable leads. Rachel is also the Toast Inbound lead for Paid Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

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