Why is video the future of content marketing?

Today, 55% of people watch videos online every day. This explains why marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Many believe that advertising videos are limited to only B2C companies however, this is not the case. Video marketing also extends to B2B companies, which is often the most effective method of sourcing information to their target audience.

video for b2b marketing

Video for B2B Marketing – 7 examples: 


Company Info: HubSpot provides an inbound marketing service which provides software, services and supports all in one place.
Video style: HubSpot’s video starts with a stressful office scenario, which every marketer can relate to, and then a solution to the issues is given, through using HubSpot.
Video Length: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Pro: “happily ever after” result of using HubSpot shows the work of HubSpot working in practice, which demonstrates how HubSpot’s marketing service can help any business.
Con: Similarly to the other videos, this video is over 2 minutes long, which may cause some viewers to become uninterested in HubSpot’s work, which drives away potential customers. Wistia discovered that 75% of people only remain engaged in videos on average between 1 and 2 minutes.

Schneider Electric

Company Info: Schneider Electric provides energy management and automation solutions.
Video Style: A humorous approach to showing the widespread effects of using Schneider Electric’s products.
Video Length: 1 minute 50 seconds
Pro: The video shows how the Schneider’s services affect many lives through an extended metaphor, which some viewers will find entertaining.
Con: Viewers may see the video as too far removed from the original cause and may find their work confusing.

Jonas Construction Software

Company Info: Jonas Construction Software provides services within management, accounting and project management.
Video Style: Their video is called ‘Why Jonas’ and uses animation and clear images to portray their message.
Video Length: 1 minute 20 seconds
Pro: This video is filled with rhetorical questions that provoke the thoughts of the readers, asking themselves if they need Jonas’ services.
Con: The video does convey a high quantity of information in a short space of time, which may cause the viewer to also become uninterested.


Company Info: VMware are providers of software for all devices.
Video Style: In their video, they state that their products are superior to those in direct competition with them.
Video Length: 30 seconds
Pro: Real life people are explaining how VMware’s service has helped them in their business.
Con: The video is only 30 seconds long, is this too short for a viewer to fully engage and take the information in?


Company Info: FedEx is a distributor who provides reliable logistics nationwide.
Video Style: In their video, FedEx present a real-life business, which has succeeded due to FedEx’s services.
Video Length: 2 minutes 15
Pro: FedEx’s business is shown in practice, which reflects their success through the use of a personal, emotive story.
Con: The video is over 2 minutes long and many viewers want the information to be shown in a short direct video rather than a lengthy one. A study shows that 2/3 of people prefer a video that is under 60 seconds long.




Company Info: Zendesk provides an online service for help with customer service.
Video style: Their video talks the viewer through each element of their service, explaining as they go.
Video Length: 1 minute 30
Pro: Each explanation comes with a digital display showing how businesses use them, this way viewers can visualise the website.
Con: Zendesk’s video conveys a high amount of information in a short space of time, which can cause the viewer to become bored. Yet, this is counteracted through comical intervals.


Company Info: Cisco is a secure IT infrastructure provider.
Video Style: Cisco’s video uses a variety of real-life business examples who can benefit from using Cisco.
Video Length: 1 minute 50 seconds
Pro: The video demonstrates how Cisco can be used in a variety of different businesses, this informs the viewers that Cisco can help any type of business.
Con: The video style is quite simplistic which could cause viewers to become disinterested when compared with other videos which are of a much more interactive style.

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