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If your website is your shop window, shouldn’t it be attracting visitors in? A dirty shop window on the high street, which passers-by cannot see through to the interesting things within, will not get them through the door. Similarly, your website needs to be attractive to your visitors. It should not be a ‘build once and leave’ tool, it needs to be regularly maintained and updated. A regular website SEO audit is important in order to keep on top of your website’s health and make adjustments where needed and improve SEO.

6 key benefits of performing an SEO audit

Our process

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Toast Inbound can offer you a number of services to maintain your website at peak efficiency

Website Health – Performance report 

Whatever system you have used to build your website, we can run a very detailed website efficiency check to determine its health.  We use a series of premium SEO tools that give as much of a 360-degree view of the website’s health as possible and then help us to monitor the health of the website on a permanent basis.

It is really important for us that, before working with our clients on creating excellent content to drive website visits on online leads, the site is healthy. Otherwise, a great deal of effort can be wasted.

We also run health checks on websites that may have been up and running quite happily for a couple of years. These would have been built under one set of SEO and SERP assumptions, but given the speed that search engine algorithms change, websites can all too quickly fall out of favour.

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Examples of major changes in recent years that changed website ratings overnight might be;

  • Punishments for websites that are not responsive  
  • Rewards for websites hosted with an https: URL

Any website that we have run a health review on, remains on our SEO systems with alerts that will make us aware of any changes. These may be caused by either new content or changed external factors such as broken links from old websites.

WordPress site management

Toast Design are experts in WordPress. Whilst it is our colleagues who build new websites, we are very adept at optimising WordPress websites in a number of ways.

Over time we have found that clients come to us, typically, with one of the following three combinations;

  • Good site, bad SEO
    • You may have a good-looking site with lots of text and images that is quick and responsive – but it’s not appearing in search engine results. Our starting point (see content strategy workshop) is to identify 10-15 important keyword phrases or topics that you want to be found for. We will then work our way through the website with you and help it to get noticed.
  • Bad site, good SEO
    • The next possible scenario is to have created a website that has good content but it’s just not performing. This could be down to out-dated or poorly designed themes and templates, poor security, incorrect DNS settings and numerous other technical issues. We put a programme of improvements together, with priorities, and in extreme circumstances can create a new website to host and promote the existing content.
  • Bad site, bad SEO
    • This could well start with a recommendation to start again with a new website. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Sometimes there are a few basic problems that can make a website perform badly, for example, due to some toxic backlinks from previously ill-advised grey backlink activity.  Once fixed that takes us back to the above ‘good site, bad SEO’ list and a second round of work can start.

Once these issues are resolved, websites need to be maintained. For that, we have our website efficiency check and maintenance service. 


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Website Health

Why Toast Inbound?

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If you want your websites to create a flow of quality leads then the website has to be optimised – both in terms of its presentation of content and its technical health. Having worked with our website team for a number of years we can understand quickly what might be holding a website back. 

Toast Inbound will help you though this website SEO audit to develop a prioritised list of actions to tune your website for best performance. We have a great set of SEO tools to use, but what is most important is that we know how to apply them for maximum effect.

Engage us to run your website SEO audit and we’ll get you started on your lead generation journey.

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Some of the tools we use to deliver this service

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