Why should Marketing insist on a CRM System

The Basics of a CRM System

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a system that allows companies to track their future and current customers interactions. An effective CRM system should allow sales and marketing teams to efficiently interact with prospects or customers.

Which companies use a CRM system

A company who wishes to maintain a relationship with their customer may use a CRM system. There are two main types of business who use CRM:

  • B2B companies that typically need to track leads and customers across long sales cycles and through upgrade paths.
  • B2C companies that specialise in considered purchases.

Should you use a CRM System?

Not all companies fit into the above categories, but they still find value in using a CRM system. Think about the challenges that a CRM system aims to solve:

  • Do you have a need for maintaining a central list of information on your leads and customers? Does this information live in many different places?
  • Are you customers regularly interfacing with multiple people on your team? How does everyone keep track of where the conversation with anyone customer left off?
  • Do you struggle to understand the productivity of your sales team? Does your sales team follow a structured process?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, chances are, your business could benefit from a CRM system.

Why Should I use a CRM System

4 Reasons why you should use a CRM System:

  1. CRM prioritises prospective customers who are actively looking at your products and services online.
  2. Historically, marketing never see what happens to leads and sales can’t see where the leads come from. CRM helps align the two teams.
  3. Who should your salesperson call first? A CRM system holds all the relevant information making it easy to decide.
  4. It is essential that companies understand which marketing strategies produce the best sales – CRM records this information.

9 Must-Have CRM System Features:

  1. All CRM systems should allow salespeople to create contact records and store prospect and customer information in a database.
  2. You should be able to program each deal stage into these levels into the software and attach associated values.
  3. Visibility to a number of metrics for sales people. Useful metrics to include are their progress to date against quota, how many deals they have in their pipelines at which stages and what outstanding tasks they need to complete. These are all available from a dashboard.
  4. Inclusion of task management capabilities. These streamline salespeople’s day-to-day workflow and help them keep on top of their follow-ups.
  5. A good CRM system should allow sales people to save their go-to pieces of collateral in one place. A CRM system should also allow the user to file away customized email templates, meaning that the sales rep is not reinventing the wheel with each new outreach.
  6. Keeping better track of customer and prospect interactions (emails, calls, etc.). A CRM system should automatically log calls made and emails sent, to reduce human error.
  7. Reporting features. Make sure that your CRM provides reporting features that make it easy to export and distribute trends that the system reveals.
  8. As sales teams are frequently out of the office, make sure that the CRM system can be accessed on all devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  9. Facility to integrate with marketing automation. A gap between marketing automation and a CRM system can lead to lost information and opportunities.

To reap the full benefits of a CRM, choose one with the features that are right for your business today and that can grow with you as your business evolves. Consider both short-term and long-term needs when investing in a CRM platform. Even if you just start with a CRM system and don’t have a marketing automation system, make sure it will integrate with one as a next step.

More information on Why I Should use a CRM System

For further information on CRM and why it’s important for your business, please give us a call on 01295 221296. You can also find out about our recommended CRM platform – HubSpot – on our Help with HubSpot service page. 


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